Welcome to KILDARE.TV advertising section

This is the first time advertisers can get their message directly to the local Kildare audience in a measurable way. You can also choose the profile of the public you would like to engage with as each channel has a profile audience category. This means you get to advertise to only the public you want, making the most of your budget.

To advertise you can choose a variety of options to suit your budget.

Banner ads: The banner ads on each channel page give you a constant place in front of the audience.

Stings: At the start of each program you will see a 10 – 15 second advert.

Channel sponsorship: You can sponsor an entire channel. This attaches your name to all of the above methods and includes a program made by KILDARE.TV on your business or organisation.

Overall sponsorship: One company will sponsor the entire TV station

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